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Sunset Cruise’n

One thing you can always count on in my home of Hawaii is brilliant sunsets.

The interesting thing about Oahu, specifically Waikiki, doesn’t face directly west, meaning, the sunsets are not directly in front of you when you’re sitting on Waikiki Beach.

But here’s the good news: you can get a front-row seat to one of nature’s most spectacular shows: Hawaiian sunsets.

You’ll get that selfie of you and your family in front of the setting sun.
You’ll get that shot of the sun’s warm afternoon glow bouncing off Diamond Head.
You’ll see the sun reflecting off of Waikiki’s hotels.
It’s like an explosion of beauty.

A sunset cruise will get you right in front of Oahu’s spectacular sunsets.

Now, as a catamaran, I really like it when the crew lets me stretch my sails and dance on the waves.

But our sunset cruises are really chill. The crew pulls up my sail, but asks me to swing across Oahu’s southshore with ease and relaxation, because we don’t want anyone spilling those awesome High Tide drinks our bartender makes.

The sunset cruise is the perfect punctuation to a beautiful day in Hawaii; it’s everything Hawaii should be: naturally beautiful and relaxing.

Sometimes people ask “what’s the best time of year to catch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset.”

The answer to the question is pretty much everyday, every month of the year. Sure, our sunsets change slightly with the seasons, but somehow, no matter what the weather has been like during the day, Hawaiian sunsets never seem to disappoint.

In the winter, you’ll feel the trade winds get cooler around you and you might be glad you brought a light sweater. In the summer, as the sun sets, and the evening temperature drops just a tad, you’ll feel a freshness in the air that you won’t forget.

The sunset cruise on my decks includes food and drinks, but the experience isn’t about sitting in an enclosed environment, the experience is all about enjoying the everything that’s perfect about the end of Hawaii’s days.

You can move around my decks and feel the slight splash of the water.
You can watch as the wings of flying fish catch the glint of the afternoon sun.
Maybe during the whale watching season, you’ll see a huge humpback whale waving goodnight to you, profiled against the sunset.

As the sun sets, the “ohhhhs” and “ahhhs” from deck add to the gentle sounds of the waves and it’s clear, for just a moment, everything is focused on the setting star of Hawaii’s beautiful sunsets.

As we slowly and gracefully move back into the harbor, there’s a quiet on deck. Almost everyone is just thinking about the sunset they had front row seats to see. Our deck hands are moving quietly, my guests are sipping the last of their drinks and the kids of all ages are enjoying a peaceful, reflective moment. Many people say it’s THE moment they were seeking in their Hawaiian vacation.

I hope you’ll join me on my decks for a sunset cruise, because it’s filled with aloha and the best views Oahu has to offer.

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