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What Should I wear on a Catamaran Sail?

One thing a lot of people ask is what to wear on a catamaran cruise? ​
The first thing to know about your attire on my decks is that you’re in Honolulu, Hawaii, which means the attire is very casual.

We’re strictly “come as you are.” Which means you should dress for comfort.

​Don’t worry about your hair too much, because the wind will give you it’s only special style and you can even come without makeup, we don’t judge, the crew and I just want you to be comfortable on our decks.

Unlike some boats, you won’t be required to remove your shoes on my deck. There aren’t any rules about what to wear on your feet, but I suggest flip-flops or as well call them here in Hawaii, slippahs. I think most people are comfortable wearing something very casual that they don’t mind getting wet.   Ladies, you CAN wear heels, but I think you’ll find it easier to just go with the barefoot style or wear slippahs.

If you’re headed to snorkel with the turtles, then you’ll absolutely want your swimsuit and maybe a light cover-up for after your snorkel.  Other than the snorkel cruise, some people wear swimsuits on my decks, some do not. If you think you’ll want “net time” I suggest a swimsuit, but again, not a requirement.  You can choose whatever you’re most comfortable in.

I do have an area below deck to escape the sun, but I’ve noticed most people like to be on top of the decks or on the nets. Who can blame them? That’s where you’ll see whales, dolphins and turtles and Hawaii’s famous sunsets. If you’re going to be on deck, I suggest wearing light layers that are OK getting a little splash here and there. For evening sails, you might want to bring a light sweater because once the sun goes down, the temperature gets a little cooler and it’s easy to catch a little chill if you’re damp or have sunburned skin.

Some people bring hats on board, but I often see people take them off, because once I get wind in my sails, hats have a tendency to take flight like a flock of seagulls. You CAN wear a hat, just make sure it’s one that fits your head snugly.

All in all, the only rule to attire on my decks is to wear what you’re comfortable wearing. You’ll be in the Hawaii sun, with a breeze, on the water, which in my catamaran mind is the ideal place to be.

You can sit back and relax on my catamaran decks, we’ll take care of the rest! Aloha!

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