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About Us

About the Captains

Our two senior captains, Captain Jon and Captain Brad has been sailing in Hawaiian water since late 1980s. They both shared the passion for racing sailboats which lead them to earn Captain credentials. Makani has been a special boat, performing like no other catamaran in Hawaii, with the concept of combining Grand Prix sailing with charter boat comfort, Makani gives an unforgettable ride.

“To this day, I still feel the thrill of gliding across the blue waters off of Diamond Head.  Every day I work, I’m sharing that thrill with people from around the world. ”

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About the Crew

Makani Catamaran sailing team, from the captain and deck hands, to the bartenders, and land operations agents.  An array of personalities, yet equally enthusiastic about their career at Makani, this crew strives to make guest experiences as exciting and memorable as possible.

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