About Us

About the Captain

Aloha, my name is Captain Jon Jepson. I originally moved from Seattle in the late ’80s and have worked in the marine industry since, including windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, and submarines. From all the different types of vessels I have been exposed to, Makani was born. The concept is different from any other charter sailing boat, combining Grand Prix sailing with charter boat comfort, Makani gives an unforgettable ride.

“Our crew will help make your cruise a trip to remember.”

About the Crew

Meet the Makani Catamaran sailing crew and learn about what brought them to Hawaii and ultimately, to the decks of this catamaran.  Nine members belong to this sailing team, from the captain and deck hands, to the bartenders, reservationist, and land operations manager.  An array of personalities, yet equally enthusiastic about their career at Makani, this crew strives to make guest experiences as exciting and memorable as possible. Learn a bit about the people who will be taking care of you while sailing this Hawaii catamaran and get to know them better once on board!