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About Us

About the Company

Makani’s history traces back to the 8,000 mile journey through the Panama Canal, up the coast of Central America, past Mexico, and finally to the Hawaiian Islands that was pioneered by Captain Jon Jepsen and his 3-man crew. The Makani began as a vision, transitioned into a conceptual plan, and emerged as a sophisticated sea vessel. With a skilled investment group, including Tim Mardell, late Judge Jim Campbell, Mike and Theresa Lopez, late Rich Drummond, Andy Dahl, and Yumi Arney, the construction of Makani Catamaran began in September 2004 in St. Croix, of the United States Virgin Islands. Captain Jon Jepson joined architect Dave Wallworth and Gold Coast Yachts where they built and designed Makani from start to finish.

With top of the line equipment, luxurious amenities, and a passionate team behind the construction, it is easy to see why this is a $1.8 million yacht. The mast, costing alone nearly $400,000, was constructed by Southern Spars, the leading mast builders in the industry, using carbon fiber. Once the project was completed in August of 2005, Captain Jon and his crew of three set sail for Honolulu from the Virgin Islands. During their 8,000 mile journey they passed through the Panama Canal, up the coast of Central America, heading northwest to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, then from there to the Hawaiian Islands. Makani arrived at her new home in Kewalo Basin, Honolulu, Hawaii on October 20, 2005. While docked here on Oahu, luxury catamaran cruising has become Makani’s main vocation.

Makani is committed to be a part of the sustainable tourism. We have been using biodegradable / composable items to reduce our carbon footprint on the island over a decade, while educating our customers on steps to take to help preserve our ocean waters, reefs and marine life.

About the Crew

Our captains, Captain Jon and Captain Brad have been sailing in Hawaiian water since late 1980s. They both shared the passion for racing sailboats which lead them to earn Captain credentials. Makani has been a special boat, performing like no other catamaran in Hawaii, with the concept of combining Grand Prix sailing with charter boat comfort, Makani gives an unforgettable ride.

“To this day, I still feel the thrill of gliding across the blue waters off of Diamond Head.  Every day I work, I’m sharing that thrill with people from around the world. ”

Our third Captain, Captain Cristina has been working for over 10 years. She shares her lifelong love of the ocean with new and different people everyday. She loves being connected with nature, working in the sun and in the beautiful oceans. She is able to use what nature gives her to create a memorable experience for people.

Makani Catamaran sailing team, from the captain and deck hands, to the bartenders, and land operations agents.  An array of personalities, yet equally enthusiastic about their career at Makani, this crew strives to make guest experiences as exciting and memorable as possible.

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